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Your Musical WebmasterAs the Musical Webmaster, I will soon have a complete listing of unique original musical works on the Internet. From beautiful instrumental music to a new musical novel to film soundtracks, as well as new pop music for the 21st Century, be ready for an eclectic collection of musical stylings. Exposing many personalities, my hope is to bring music to you that touches your heart and enhances your life, as well as simply entertain you and yours.
In addition to composing and performing my own music, by your special request, music can be composed for you or your business. Your choice of musical pieces can range from the popular genre styles of the day to symphonic orchestration for you film or family photo album. If you are a performer and songwriter looking for fresh material, you have found an alternative to your dry spell.
You may come to know me as many names ... but you need only remember Paul if you wish. Don't let my other personalities mislead you .. we're all ... "One Team, One Dream.





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