I ... Confess ... for I have Pseudo-sinned

Your Dieting Musical WebGuy Author Cookie Lover
I ... am ... Paul Ramsdell Seymour ... musician, etc. (okay that may be redundant)
Great-Grampa Ramsdell would be proud.
I ... am Paolo Amore ... Italian Composer of "Amore Fare Musica"
or "Love Making Music" ... (I did go to Italy once)
I ... am Classic Paul ... yeh, the younger me that was NOT supposed to get older ...
wrote many songs in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's ... you'll hear them soon.
I ... am Paaul (of the 21st Century) ... yeh, the older me with an extra "A' in Paaul
for my age... but more "seasoned" ... still writing songs, although I am expanding
my horizons into outer space.
Living the Blues Life as Keyboardist, Trumpetist, Flugelhornist, Flautist, Singerist
for the Thermal Blues Express Blues Band in Phoenix, Arizona





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